Wrapper is a removable spray paint that allows you to paint anything you like in a reversible way.

Thanks to its special formulation, Wrapper creates around the painted item an elastic and adhesive film that protects it and makes it water-resistant.

Wrapper does not damage the underlying surface, leaving it unaltered, and can be removed easily after some hours, months or years. Ideal for metal, plastic, aluminium, carbon, glass, treated wood, and all flat, curved, flexible, smooth, or rough surfaces.
Not recommended for porous materials and all types of polystyrene.

Get Creative with Wrapper!


Wrapper paints and protects your car rims, mirrors, grills, emblems. Use it on your car body, as well as on the parts in plastic, fibreglass or glass. Designed for cars, bikes, scooters, and to give a new look to whatever you want.

Wrapper Spray is ideal for changing the colour of your furniture, shelves, tables, chairs…, tinting and frosting your windows, as well as painting whatever needs to be protected or renovated.

Wrapper Spray is excellent on Lexan, and on any part you need to insulate or waterproof.

Change the colour of your bike, helmet, inflatable… Paint and protect your motorcycle fairing, customise your snowboard…

Wrapper Spray is designed to add grip to handles, surfboards, and everything you can think of.